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Prices from August 1 2017
Low Season
High Season
Per Dog
Per Dog
Solo travellers wanting or needing a room to themselves
Singles under 10kg
Singles over 10kg
DISCOUNT SHARE (Living at the same address, sharing the same room)
Per Room
Per Room
Two dogs, both under 10kgs
Two dogs, one over 10kgs
Three dogs all under 10kgs
Three dogs, one, two or three over 10kgs
4 or more large dogs would be more comfortable in adjoining rooms

Public Holiday surcharges apply to high season rates at $3 per pet per public holiday.

Our prices are an estimate as a guideline only and subject to change from time to time. There are costs we cannot continue to absorb which are imposed upon us by our Government and our suppliers.

The number of days booked include the day of check-in and the day of check-out as your pet/s will be attended to on both these days.

We are happy to offer discounts in our low season for multi pet families and long term holidays. To assist with payment, we are happy for you to make periodical payments prior to check-in.

Buddy Boarding is a discounted rate available for small to medium solo travellers who are able to share a room with another solo traveller of the same age, size and activity level. Buddy Boarding is not available for large breeds or dogs with a fighting heritage eg. Staffies, Bull Terriers or Shai Peis.
If we do not have a suitable buddy available, they will not be put with another dog and you won't be charged solo rates. If we feel your dog is unsuitable to have a buddy, you will be advised that they will require solo accommodation.

Discount Share is a discount we offer to a family who have 2 or more dogs living at the same address and are able to be boarded together. Because the Dawgy Dorm is a very exciting and active environment, not all dogs are able to share a room with their housemates. It may be cheaper in the long run (no expensive vet bills) for them to be housed next to each other. 4 or more medium to large dogs would be more comfortable in two adjoining rooms.

Booking deposits
- Other than the Easter long weekend and the Christmas/New Year period, we do not ask for a booking deposit, however notification of cancellations would be appreciated please. During all school holidays, payment is required on check-in with no refund for early returns. Please click on our links for our T's & C's regarding stays over Easter and December/January.

Our prices are our basic costs which include:
Food and bowls - we feed Royal Canin, however, have other foods available for our fussy eaters.
Feed time - all our rooms have mesh dividing gates to separate dogs at meal times.
Beds - every dog has their own comfy, low to the ground trampoline style bed with freshly cleaned bedding.
Complimentary twice daily access to a grass yard directly off each room.
Complimentary pats and cuddles.
Complimentary hydrobath for stays 6 days or longer. For stays less than 6 days, hydrobaths are available for $20 per dog.

You need to pay for extra services that takes extra time, for example:
Giving injections, special care for the elderly or convalescing pets (POA).
Administering medications and or storage and handling wet food brought from home ($3 a day).
There is no charge for handling of dry food brought from home.
Extra personal playtimes with our carers in our Paws Playground and Pool Park. $12 for 1 dog per session, $19 for 2, $25 for 3 dogs.
Pickup and delivery service - prices and availability on area upon request.

As we are a small family owned and operated business, we are unable to absorb all of the price increases placed upon us by our suppliers and Government.
We refuse to compromise on the care given to precious family pets, therefore we may be forced to adjust our prices from time to time. Any adjustments necessary will be as minimal as possible and changed without notice to future or existing bookings.
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