Dawgy School in the Dawgy Corral
We believe when dogs come to stay with us, it should be a fun experience.

Dog training should really be called "people with dog's training". This is so owners are instructed on how to handle their own dogs when they are at home.

We want your dog to have a good memory of their stay with us so they look forward to coming back.

We figure if the family are having fun, so should their pet.

On Saturday mornings, we have professional people who will teach you how to train your dog. If you would like more information, please call Syd Lewis who run courses here in our Dawgy Corral. Syd's number is 0419 756 956.

Their classes are geared for the average Joe who just wants their dog to come when they are called, sit, stay and not be too annoying when visitors come. The courses are a fun experience for dogs and their owners. There are also puppy classes in a purpose built puppy yard and advance agility classes for the really energetic workout.

We do not offer "in house" training as we believe it is the humans who need the knowledge to help their dog live a balanced life.
We want your dog to have a fun time on their holiday vacation. If you ask us to keep up some simple tasks that you have been working on eg. sitting before feeding, not allowing them to jump up etc. we have no problem with doing that for you.

The Dawgy Corral is also available for guests to have a really good run and play. When collecting your dog, please feel free to ask our staff if you would like to take your dog into the Dawgy Corral for a big run.
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