Lil' Dawgy Fun House
Hi, my name is Paddy and all I can say is (BOW) WOW!

We now have our very own LIL' DAWGY FUN HOUSE!

This is only for toy breeds under 10kgs (just like me). No big dogs allowed in our LIL' DAWGY FUN HOUSE. Because we all run around together, boys who are not desexed are not able to stay in the Fun House (no funny business allowed). If dogs are not sociable or are unsuitable for the communal lifestyle, they will be removed and placed in the Dawgy Dorm.

An entire section of the Dawgy Dorm has been transformed into this fabulous area. It is just like Day Care very day except we get to sleep-over with our new very best friends.

If you would like to see our Lil' Dawgy Fun House, please click here to take a virtual tour or photo tour. For more information, please go to our Dear Harley Rose page for her answers to some questions regarding the Fun House. Please refer to our Pricing Page for tariffs and take advantage of our Low Season Discount rates.

There are no cages or mesh, only pool fencing seperating our bedrooms.

Having two yards, means we can have seperate playgroups to suit our age and activity level.

There are five insulated bedrooms, twin share, our own bed and individual dining area. Each bedroom has a heat lamp, so we are nice and cozy on winter nights.

Directly off the five bedrooms is the family room with a TV DVD playing
Doggy Videos.

The Family Room opens up to our grass yard which we can access all day long. There are also three rolldown shutter blinds which can be lowered if the weather becomes inclement.
Why not take more of a look around our Lil'Dawgy Fun House with either a
Virtual Tour or a Photo Tour? Try it you will love it as much as we love staying at Imparra Pet Motel...
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