Lil' Dawgy Fun House Harley Rose's FAQ
  Hi everyone. My name is Harley Rose and I have been asked to answer some questions regarding the Lil' Dawgy Fun House.

As this is a new concept in Little Dog accommodation, if you have any questions please ask your human to contact the friendly staff at Imparra. If you prefer, you can email me direct and I can tell you firsthand what you can expect if you wanted to holiday in the Lil' Dawgy Fun House.

We love our Lil' Dawgy Fun House and would love to show it to you if you are able to visit.

Please take the virtual tour to see for yourself how fantastic it is.

Hi Harley Rose,

I am an only child and keen to make new friends. One question – I love to dance, will there be dancing?



ello Fritzi,

The Lil' Dawgy Fun House is perfect for the solo traveler. We will definitely find you a new very best friend to share your holiday with and will do our very best to find a dance partner for you.

….Harley Rose

Hi Harley Rose,

Is it true we get to play with other little dogs?
…Geordie, Inca, Dexter & Sasha


Yes, that is right. As a matter of fact, all the little dogs in the Fun House must be social otherwise they cannot hang out with you.
…..Harley Rose

Hello Harley Rose,

We need toys, lots of toys, we love to play with toys. Will there be enough toys for us?…..Suzi & Chang


Yes, of course there will be. We have lots of toys to share . …..Harley Rose

Dearest Harley Rose,

Toys, I love toys. Please Harley Rose can I stay in the Fun House too?


Hello Maximus,

I know you love toys Maximus, but the Lil' Dawgy Fun House is for lap dogs under 10kg only. You'll have to be content to play ball with Stacy.

….Harley Rose

Hi Harley Rose,
You say there is lots of playing with other little dogs, but we also like to get cuddles from the humans. Do the humans play with us too?

….Misty, Roxy, Pickles & Monty


Of course. All the guests at Imparra have lots of contact with the humans here.
…..Harley Ros

Dear Harley Rose,

My name is Jack, I am a poodle (that's me on the right) and although I may look like a party animal, this picture was taken at my ol' friend Jim's birthday party when I was 18 years old. As much as I like hanging around with the young ones, they are far too energetic for me and I would much rather just cruise around with dogs my own age. Are you able to accommodate my special needs please?


Dear Jack,

Yes, we can. This is why we have a fence dividing the Fun House into two sections. One for the playful dogs and the other for our senior citizens or those who don't care too much for active sports.

….Harley Rose

Meow Harley Rose,

Are cats allowed? …..Misty


Hi Misty,

Sorry, no furry little felines allowed! You can beg as much as you like, but this is a Lil' DAWGY Fun House only. You have your own air conditioned luxury suite and you know it is a dog free zone.

….Harley Rose
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