Dawgy Dorm Rooms

Our Dawgy Dorm is our standard dog boarding accommodation building.

When we designed and built our Pet Motel, we incorporated all the important things we wanted for our own dogs if we were to board them.
  • We believe it is important for dogs to be able to see one another. However, because we didn't want them to be daunted by all the activity, we put a solid wall every 5th room. This means dogs can only see the other 4 rooms in their section, overlooking their grass exercise yard.

• With only 5 rooms to each section, we are able to group the dogs to type. Small dogs, senior citizens or worried dogs are able to be housed separate to the large or boisterous dogs. Of course, if your dog craves entertainment, we can put them in a section that will keep them amused all day long.

• The entire building is fully covered and insulated. We have roller blinds at the end of each room, which we can lower to an appropriate height to keep their room cooler in summer and warmer in winter. If we get scary lightning and loud thunder, we can lower the worried dogs blind all the way down.

• The 5mtre long rooms have a sleeping area which has three and half side solid walls, leading out to their own run which is mesh divided from the room next door. The walls are roof height so the dog next door to your dog cannot climb over and visit.

• Every group of 5 rooms has its own grassed exercise yard directly off each room. With 10 grassed yards, your dog has complimentary individual access to one of these yards at least twice a day. Extra paid playtimes are available in our Paws Playground & Pool Park.

We only have 43 rooms in our Dawgy Dorm, which is considered to be a relatively small Pet Motel, so all dogs receive personal attention throughout the day.

• Our dog rooms can comfortably house 2 large dogs, with larger rooms for multi dog families. We also have adjoining rooms available for extra space. Every room has dividing gates enabling us to separate dogs in the same room at meal times.

• Each dog has their own non-allergenic trampoline style bed. Blankets are provided when it is cold.

• The entire complex is fully fenced with returns on all fences and a cement mowing strips to ensure your escape artist doesn't leave us.
If extra attention is required, our carers will be there doing whatever is necessary to make sure dogs are happy. This may involve your dog spending time in the lunch room or office with our staff if they are looking worried or sad. Our staff care for dogs and will do everything to make them happy.

We live on site and have carers in our kennels from 7am to 5pm monitoring all our quests ensuring each and everyone is happy.

To fully appreciate the quality of our Pet Motel and meet our animal loving staff, we welcome and encourage you to visit.

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