Buddy Boarding
It is normal practice for Pet Motels to have dogs sharing a kennel. We felt it necessary to give you the option if you would rather have solo accommodation and clarify what we call buddy boarding.

Buddy boarding is for single dogs capable of sharing a kennel.

Buddy boarding is designed for small to medium dogs who would benefit from having a friend to share their holiday with.

We are very conservative when it comes to sharing and will not intentionally put your dog at risk. If you do have a social dog capable of sharing, but we don't have a suitable companion staying in the kennels for your dog, they will not be put with another dog just because you paid for buddy boarding- they will be boarded on their own without you being charged for solo accommodation.

Dogs are buddied up with a friend who is the same age, weight and activity level.

Not all dogs are suited to share with another dog in a kennel situation. Your dog may be very dog friendly in a dog park, but in a confined space with all of the activity of a kennel, they may get too excited to share and this can cause problems.

If your dog is a regular boarder at Imparra, we will be able to let you know if we consider your dog is suitable to share. If this is your dog's first time boarding at Imparra and you are not sure if they can share or you are concerned with the type of dog we might house with your dog, we have some photos (scroll down) of our regular “buddies”.

Outside of holiday times, if we find your dog is not suitable to share, we are able to give them solo accommodation. However, during our high season when we do not have any spare kennels, this can be difficult so please do not ask for buddy boadring if you are at all doubtful or uneasy with having another dog in the kennel with your dog. If you are unsure, please ask our staff if they consider your dog's breed is suitable for buddy boarding. Please do not be offended if we are concerned about having your dog share with another dog. This is for your dog's safety as well.

Just about all small and small to medium dogs can share. The medium breeds or dogs generally happy to share include Cockers, Border Collies, Kelpies, Beagles, Labs and Goldies. We do not socialize any dog whose heritage is of the fighting breeds like Staffies, Bull Terriers and Shar Peis or dogs crossed with these breeds – lovely people dogs, but just not good sharers. We do not generally offer buddy boarding for the larger breeds and crosses for example Rottweilers, Dobermans, Shepherds, Malamutes, Bullmastiffs, Cattle Dogs etc. unless they are puppies, senior citizens or regulars and we know they can share. This is nothing to do with your lovely, people friendly dog, it is just that some breeds are not suited to share in a kennel situation.

Consequently, if you do have a social dog of any size or breed and do not wish them to be boarded with another dog, solo accommodation can be requested.

Small dogs - Alfie and Wicket are two little dogs who became best friends.

Chang (in the middle) our resident kennel companion, is in his element with his two new girlfriends Tinker and Lucy. They may be senior citizens, but he loves them.

Mediums dogs- Bentley and Rose having fun in the pool.

Medium dogs – Jim and Shadow are two ol' foggies who don't care much for running and playing, but just love to “hang out” together.

Large dogs - Jock (on left) is a regular and a wonderful ol' boy who was totally in love with Lucy .

Large dogs Max and Kya have found “true love” in the pool.
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